PUP (People With Unlimited Potential) is having a craft show at Living Waters Church 7229 N. Knoxville in Peoria on November 21st from 9:00-1:00 PM. What makes this event different is it is to raise money for a group that provides monthly socials and day programs for people with disabilities.

The parking lot is large, the people friendly and the facility is bright and cheery. I had a great tie last year and just signed up again.

If you are a vendor/crafter, I would bet they could use some more people. If you are a person who enjoys visiting with vendors and finding some great items, come on over.

If you have a family member with disabilities, there is a Halloween party October 23rd and a Talent show with Pizza November 13th.

pwithup@gmail.com  or perrycj3@aol.com.


The days are falling off the calendar and the next First Friday is coming this week.October 2nd is a First Friday at The Studios on Sheridan (5-9) and the artists will be there in full force. Time to package up the Halloween and other towels for the Kitchen Kitch section of the Hen House.

Crazy busy in the other portions of my life. A friend needed my help this week with her class so I am subbing 5 days this week. This is the first time that I have worked at school 5 days in a row since I retired June of 2014. The other members of the team are great to work with and we are working hard to fill some giant shoes. Red Corner Cafe is quite a production and lots of work behind the scenes. Food is baked by the teachers. Yummy apple cobbler this week.

Thursday I go on my first shopping trip with the crew. They usually go to WalMart, but we are going to COSTCO to shop. It should be fun and a good learning experience. We are practicing what items are grouped together in the stores and what do we use to make coffee and iced coffee. They are learning to take telephone orders as well as the words/picture order sheets. Being chosen to deliver the treats or collect the order forms is a great privilege.

My sister tripped over a tree root while walking in DC. She is an experienced walker (on many trips) and had her walking shoes on but missed the root and caught her toe. She decided not to break her fall with her hands and break her wrists and ended up breaking her elbow in multiple places and injuring the other in the dirt and other debris on side of the sidewalk. She had surgery yesterday and it in the hospital on an antibiotic drip. So I may be going there to help. I really know very little right now.

My Brother machine should be ready to go on Wednesday night so I might fire it up before First Friday. Meanwhile babies are growing, brides are getting married and the list is piling up.

Hope you are doing well and watch out for tree roots and anything that is a barrier in your pathway.

Next Friday will be August’s First Friday at the Studios on Sheridan. Many of my favorite artists will be there. Come over and make them your favorites,too. Leslie Pugh Shenkel of Twisted Chicken Beads, Merrill Hickey who makes fabulous cabochons and steam punk jewelry, Annette Mitchell who makes scarves and very feminine jewelry (Picadilly Pink), Kay Mallery who makes any different kinds of Jewelry, Dan Buchanan who makes pottery –The Way of Clay, Jeramie Draper who puts on a show with her glass blowing and Joan Furilla who makes beautiful silver jewelry. Also you’ll find Restorations and Urban Atifacts for many items from the past to meet your decorating needs. And Moon Dancer to feed your inner hippie.

Watch for an announcement from Twisted Chicken coming soon. Shhhh. I can’t tell!

Polka Dotty and Dr. Dan

Polka Dotty and Dr. Dan

SONY DSC       Working to post blog on Q luvsyababy page. Whoo hoo I got a picture embedded.

Now where will it land?

I am making some flour sack kitchen towels decorated with vintage designs from Bunnycup. There are a few from Embroidery.com that are wine related.

To assure your towel is available, message me at qluvsyababy .wordpress.com or qluvsyababy @comcast.net and I’ll put your towel with your name on it so you can pick it up. If the ones you want are gone, leave me a note and I’ll make some and deliver them to you or the Twisted Chicken.

This weekend at the Vintage show at the Studios on Sheridan my towels will be in The Twisted Chicken studio. It is just past Jeramie Draper’s Studio. You’ll recognize its orange door and lime green accents and, of course, the chicken overhead. Leslie has torched glass beads which if you are lucky, you’ll be able to see her making. She has Big Necklaces with fiber and her beads some made by Annette Mitchell and Merrill Hickey whose studio is on the other side of the building.There are earrings, bracelets, necklaces and possible some new item I haven’t seen yet.

Be sure to come hungry—Nacho Mamas will be there filling your need for unique cheese sandwiches. I had a Foghorn Leghorn and decided I need to share this time… Deciding which one is the only problem!!!!

Come on over and see the vintage goodies and modern ones.

Posted on: October 11, 2014

On my way to the Studios on Sheridan (Main and Sheridan) to the home of Twisted Chicken Beads (Leslie Pugh Schenkel) for an even. Beaders and bead lovers are invited to exchange their no longer wanted items in the Oops I Made A Mistake Event from 11:00 -2:00 today. I suspect Kay Mallery, Annette Mitchell Fisher and Merrill Hickey will be there. Jeramie Draper is conducting a class on glass pumpkin making across the way form Leslie. I imagine other artists will be there as well. I have been invited to take a few items of Quvsyababy embroidery items to sell . What to choose what to choose? Definitely taking some Halloweenie bibs so babies can participate without an elaborate costume or wear these to protect the costume.

Next Saturday I will be at Northminster Presbyterian Church 10720 N Knoxville in Peoria, Il 9:00-2:30. Lots of blankets,bibs, burps,hooded towels and more. Some sets which include multiple items.

November 2     I am in Lewiston at the High school.

Better pack up to go. Hope to see you soon. You can also email me at qluvsyababy@comcast.net or find me on facebook: JanQ’sQluvsyababy.

Nov 16              I am at Stoney Creek in East Peoria for SIDS

Would love to see you at any of these events.

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